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POWERTEC have added Miniature Circuit Breakers to our existing range of control and protection equipment.


Every POWERTEC MCB housing is injection moulded from special grade PBT and conforms to all international specifications. All our moulded components are fire retardant, anti-tracking non-hygroscopic and impact resistant.

Internal Components

POWERTEC MCBs have a quick 'make and break' trip-free mechanism. In the event of an over current or short circuit the MCB automatically interupts all poles. Contacts are made of special silver inlaid into copper strip which ensures longer life and maximum safety against contact welding and erosion.

Features include:

    POWERTEC MCBs conform to the latest standard IEC 60898-1 in selected ratings. CE marking fulfills the requirement of global standards.
    The low power loss as stipulated in the IEC 898/95, IEC 60898-1 is covered in the design of the POWERTEC MCB. The low power loss figures contribute significant energy saving.
  • DIN RAIL MOUNTING POWERTEC MCBs can be mounted on standard 35mm DINRail by snap action - no time is wasted in installing or replacing the MCB.
  • SHOCK PROOF Finger and hand-touch safe. Tested as per the test clause 9.6 of IEC 60898-1 protection against electric shock.
  • CURRENT LIMITING ACTION The high speed current limiting action ensures that the MCB operates before the full prospective fault current is allowed to develop. Under fault conditions, damage can be sustained to the installation and associated equipment due to the amount of energy that passes before the current is completely interrupted. The total energy let through depends on the value of current and the time for which it flows, and is denoted by the symbol l2t. The high speed current limiting action of POWERTEC MCBs ensures that the energy let through and any subsequent damage is minimised. The reduced ‘let through energy’ (Class 3 as per EN 60898-1) assists greatly with both back-up and discrimination considerations.
    Designed to minimise energy loss through unique contact configuration and reduction of hot spots. Watt loss per pole in POWERTEC MCBs is far lower than that specified in IEC 60898-1.



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